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Maa Bharti Internation School, Kota
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From the Desk of the Chairman
Sh.Mahesh Vijay
Dear Parents
By the revered mother's inspiration, gracious favor, blessing and proximity Maa Bharti Vidyalaya was founded in 1982. Since then it has been progressing in the education region of not only in hadoti zone but also every nook and corner of Rajasthan. Formerly it has 175 students but now near about 7000 students are studying in this educational temple. It's apperceptive ascending results show it is furtherance. Efficient Instruction is stimulating the curious, innovative minds and unearthenning their hidden assets. Many students have won prizes in games in state level tournaments. Our devoted, experienced, highly qualified faculty is pouring out the excellence in to the students. We believe in " Learning by doing method" ….. through hermeneutic.
Their conciliatory tone waves out the curiosity of the students. We make your ward pedantic, super numerary, fidelity to truth, self-reliant and be a perfect man head over heels. Our respectable mother has kindly lit the earthern- lamp unblowing out, with the passage of years it is constantly increasing it's gleam and piercing through the Hadoti region as well as illuminated the Rajasthan state. For the last 37 years we have been putting up the merits in the bill board of Rajasthan in secondary and senior secondary exams. This school has become the sactum of education, where meritorious students are created and they consummate their brilliant career. It's educational programme is aimed at all round harmonious development of personality, provoking an Indian culture and tradition.
Mahesh Vijay
Maa Bharti Group of Educational institutions.

From the Desk of the Director
Sh.Dinesh Vijay

Dear Parents
Dear Parent/ Guardian Our endeavour in the current year will help the students to develop an understanding of the process of change and development- both in terms of time and space. In the current context of globalization, the school has a definite and a positive role to play in molding the students. We have to be prepared to give more attention to inculcate in the students a scientific temper by promoting the spirit of enquiry and following a rational and objective approach. Our School is adequately equipped with all the facilities to face any challenge of the new age where we ensure that our wards inculcate good moral and social values, regard for goodness, fairness, justice, truth, compassion, code of ethics for life for work, profession and everyday dealings with others, we ensure that our wards get an opportunity to face the challenges of life by participating in competitions at different levels of their school life. We give training to our wards to maintain emotional as well as mental equilibrium and be prepared to match any eventuality without fear. Warmly invite you to explore MB International School to impart the very best education to young minds.
Mr. Dinesh Vijay
M B International School

" Our vision is to prepare dynamic and caring citizens of tomorrow, to meet the challenges of a global society while retaining their traditional values."

"Our mission is to provide a learning environment that encourages children to bring out the best in themselves and enables their all-round development through the joy of learning, enduring values and the celebration of diversity."

" Our vision is to prepare dynamic and caring citizens of tomorrow, to meet the challenges of a global society while retaining their traditional values.""

Pre-Primary Division (Class Nursary, L.K.G & H.K.G) In the pre-primary school, students are given a strong foundation of social, emotional, physical and academic skills to become productive learners, effective communicators and responsible students. Different materials and equipments are used to provide multi-level and multi-content experiences. A total learning environment is created which provides for alternate ways of learning. Learning becomes fun filled in bright and attractive classrooms. At this stage, emphasis is also laid on developing language, visual and listening skills. We believe in giving something to think about, instead of just rote-learning or exhaustive homework.

Primary Division (Class 1st to 5th) -

In the primary school, we recognize that children come to us as distinct individuals with unique experiences, background, abilities and interests. We provide a balanced educational programme within a safe, stimulating environment, so that each child can learn and grow to his/her fullest potential. Our educational programme is trans-disciplinary, thus helping students to correlate the learning with the real world scenarios. The focus is on developing the basic concepts in core subjects (English, Mathematics, Science, Arts, Music and Physical Education) through activities, projects, and work-sheets.

Middle School Division (Class 6th to 8th) - At M.B. International School, the Middle School works to provide a balance between attention to basics, development of necessary skills and knowledge. At this stage students explore a wide variety of interests and experiences. The curriculum is based keeping Science, Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Third Language and Arts at the core. The young teens of middle school are embarking on a lifelong task of developing personal identity and acquiring social skills. Academically, they are developing higher levels of thinking and reasoning skills, while socially, peer group approval gains importance as they begin to develop their own values and make their own decisions. We offer our students a well- balanced programme that provides a stimulating academic environment, exposure to arts & culture as well as promotes physical activity and a healthy life style. Co-curricular activities are incorporated into academic time-table as per CBSE guidelines whereby students have an opportunity to learn the basics of these skills by being exposed to them regularly.

Secondary Division (Class 9th & 10th) - At M.B. International School, we prepare the students to face the upcoming challenges of academics, help in the development of an able body and lay the foundation of a solid career. Students are encouraged to participate in diverse activities, and they are provided with world class training facilities and teachers. The objective is to inculcate self-learning skills, which is an essential element for success in the Secondary School. Ours is a comprehensive curriculum that provides broad based education where students study Languages, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science besides Creative and Performing Arts. The curriculum inculcates diligence and application based learning. The students are taken towards excellence through theory, experiments, project work, guest lectures and field trips.

Senior Secondary Division (Class 11th & 12th) - At Senior Secondary Level we provide Science and Commerce subjects so that students may specialize in subjects and select future careers on the basis of aptitude and interest. In class XI & XII more focus is given on Academics, which includes theory & practical. Parallel students are given the sense of Intellectual Insight, Emotional quotient and Social Responsibility.

Rules & Regulations

  • This is co-educational institution run and managed by the EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY OF M.B INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, KOTA which is a registered body by the Government of Rajasthan.
  • The school is recognized by the Department of Education, Kota, Rajasthan.
  • Admission to this school is granted as per rules and regulations of the school.
  • Admission is open to all boys and girls, irrespective of religion, cast or creed
  • The medium of teaching is English.
  • The parents/guardians must see that the date of birth filled in the admission form of the children is correct, as it will not be changed afterwards.
  • Transfer Certificate of the last school attended must be attached with the application form for admission, without which the admission will be refused. Those who are on transfer from their states, their transfer certificates must be countersigned by the Inspector of Schools or the District Education Officer of that place.
  • For all fresh admission the student should be introduced personally by their parents/ guardians who will be responsible for their studies, fees, conduct and discipline.
  • If any student wants to withdraw admission in between the session, will have to pay minimum term fees.
  • No leaving certificate will be granted until the account of the student is clear.

  • Admission Process

    Step 1: Get the Application Form : Application Form can be obtained from School Counter and can be downloaded from the website
    Step 2: Deposit the duly filled Form with the requisite fee & documents : Fee can be deposited through a Cash / Cheque / Demand Draft or Pay Order at MB International campus Nayagaon or Mahaveer Nagar branch.
    Step 3: Get the Admission Confirmation. Now you can apply online also.




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